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TV Debut


At Shore Thing Construction, we stumbled upon an unexpected opportunity that changed the game for us entirely. How did it all begin? Well, it was a case of mistaken identity, a fortuitous wrong number, and a surprising invitation that altered the course of our journey.


It all started with a phone call. Walter, typically not the one to answer random calls, picked up. Little did he know that call would pave the way for something bigger. The caller happened to be the owner of a historic home, seeking plumbing assistance, and that’s where our story truly commenced.

Our initial meeting wasn’t just about plumbing; it was a chance encounter that led us to this remarkable historic property. Before we knew it, our team was knee-deep in renovations even before the spotlight beckoned.

Tim and Eliza discussed a TV show centered around reviving historic properties and saw potential in what Shore Thing Construction could bring. The question arose: Would we be interested in joining their venture? We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase our craftsmanship on television.

From discussions about project timelines to mapping out what could be captured on and off camera, our collaboration with the producers took shape—three months encompassed a whirlwind of hard work, both behind the scenes and in front of the lens. We meticulously crafted, restored, and revived, all while the cameras rolled.

The result? An episode on Season 4 of ‘In with the Old’ titled ‘Beauty on the Chesapeake’ features the transformation of an abandoned 1926 American Foursquare home we were privileged to work on. It wasn’t just about the renovations; it was about the journey, the dedication, and the passion that drove us through every step of this remarkable project.

While the episode captured a glimpse of our craftsmanship, the memories and the impact linger. This isn’t just a momentary appearance on television; it’s a testament to our dedication to preserving history and breathing new life into the past.